Farm Share


OWN A REAL ESTATE ASSET: Own a share of the Farm and you own a share in real estate.

MORTGAGE-FREE:  Your share purchase helps create Wildwoods as a Mortgage-Free Community Farm and Safe Haven gathering space for the LGBTQIA+ community, allies and friends.

SHARE TRANSFER OR SALE: You can Hold, Gift, Will (bequeath), or Sell your share.

FUND RENOVATIONS:  Funds raised from the shares also help fund the farm renovations which increase the value of the farm as well as providing additional benefits to the community. Check-out our renovations here.

VOTING RIGHTS:  As a shareholder you have voting rights on leadership, rules and the management of the farm.

ENJOY THE FARM:  Become a monthly member and you can also enjoy the farming, gardening, events, and more.

CREATE A LEGACY:  With Each Share Purchase you help make a legacy in a project that will last beyond our lifetime.