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Membership Plans

Individual Membership

Ideal for the solo enthusiast, our Individual Membership offers a unique opportunity to be part of our farming community. For just $35 per month, enjoy exclusive access to members-only events, newsletters, and special discounts on our produce and workshops.

$35.00 / month

Two Person Household

Our Two Person Household membership is designed for duos who share a passion for sustainable living. For $70 per month, both members will receive the same benefits as individual members, creating an opportunity to learn, grow, and enjoy the farm’s offerings together.

$70.00 / month

Family Membership

Starting at $90 per month for three members (including parents and children), this membership is perfect for families. It offers a chance to engage in farming activities and events together. Each additional child can be added for just $10, ensuring the whole family can partake in the joy and learning experiences our farm provides.

$90.00 / month

Nonprofit Partnership Memberships

We partner with other LGBTQ nonprofits, organizations and allies to use the Farm as a space for gatherings, events and fundraisers for the benefit of the LGBTQ community.

$250.00 / month


  • A charming venue for celebrations like birthdays and family gatherings.
  • Escape everyday life and enjoy a few hours in nature
  • Engage in hands-on farming and gardening.
  • Savor communal feasts and potluck gatherings with fellow members and cherished friends.
  • Revel in campfires and overnight camping experiences within the tranquil farm.
  • Fun-filled playdates for kids and their buddies.
  • Attend seasonal social events such as "Thanksgiving in the Greenhouse," "Gardening Days," "Spring Flings," "Pizza Oven Parties," and more.
  • Attend Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly gatherings and special events like the Rainbow Sings, Lesibian Lounge, Coffee and Comfort, Homeschool Club, Expression, Spiritual Dance, Meditation in the Garden, Yoga, and so much more!

Buy a Share in the Farm and Create a Legacy of a Lifetime.

It’s only $16,500 per Ownership Share!

When you purchase a share it helps make Wildwoods Community Farm a “Forever Farm” which will benefit the community, families and youth for generations into the future.

You can keep, sponsor or donate a share in the Farm!

Farm Share

OWN A REAL ESTATE ASSET: Own a share of the Farm and you own a share in real estate.

MORTGAGE-FREE:  Your share purchase helps create Wildwoods as a Mortgage-Free Community Farm and Safe Haven gathering space for the LGBTQIA+ community, allies and friends.

SHARE TRANSFER OR SALE: You can Hold, Gift, Will (bequeath), or Sell your share.

FUND RENOVATIONS:  Funds raised from the shares also help fund the farm renovations which increase the value of the farm as well as providing additional benefits to the community. Check-out our renovations here.

VOTING RIGHTS:  As a shareholder you have voting rights on leadership, rules and the management of the farm.

ENJOY THE FARM:  Become a monthly member and you can also enjoy the farming, gardening, events, and more.

CREATE A LEGACY:  With Each Share Purchase you help make a legacy in a project that will last beyond our lifetime.



Sneak Peak of New Structures

See the future of our farm with our new, eco-conscious structures. A blend of innovation and community spirit.