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History of the Farm

Wildwoods Community Farm: A Beacon Since 2015

Founded in 2015, Wildwoods Community Farm has been dedicated to serving our local community, children, volunteers, and residents. Our core mission includes providing a space for community involvement and supporting beginning farmers. We focus on farming, conservation, gardening, and homesteading, alongside fostering connections through social events, volunteering opportunities, and various projects.

Nestled in the picturesque rural area of Chapel Hill, we are neighbors with the Pickard’s Mountain Eco Institute and the Honeysuckle Tea House. Our farm is conveniently located just a short drive from Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

LGBTQ+’s Forever Farm

Since our inception, Wildwoods has been a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ farmers to learn and embark on their farming journey. The farm has not only offered learning and growth opportunities but also provided a residential and internship program. This program supports LGBTQ+ farmers, interns, and apprentices, ensuring they are welcomed, accepted, and supported.

In 2023, we unanimously decided to evolve Wildwoods into a permanent safe haven for the LGBTQ+ youth and community. Moving forward, Wildwoods will not only continue as an educational and community farm but will also function as a community center. Here, we aim to gather, socialize, support, educate, and empower the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

You Can Support Our Mission

Your involvement is crucial to our success. You can contribute by donating, volunteering, joining our team, becoming a member, posting on social media, and helping spread the word!

History of Tiny Houses on the Farm

Wildwoods Community Farm, while rooted in farming, homesteading, and gardening, proudly stands as one of North Carolina’s pioneering tiny house communities. This unique fusion of farming and tiny living attracted enthusiasts from all walks of life, fostering lifetime friendships and unforgettable memories.

For eight years, Wildwoods was a haven for those building or staying in tiny houses. People from across the globe visited our farm, stayed in these quaint homes, and participated in build days. Our efforts significantly contributed to many individuals’ farming and tiny house endeavors, a legacy we hold dear.

However, faced with the limitations of our modest land size, including restricted septic capabilities, the tiny house aspect of our project had to be reimagined. These challenges led to a pivotal transformation in Wildwoods’ journey.

As we embraced change, the Tiny House project gracefully made way for a broader vision. Wildwoods evolved into an LGBTQ+ forever farm, a new and equally noble mission for our cherished land. While the spaces once occupied by tiny houses are now home to new farm barns, greenhouses, and community buildings, the tiny house legacy remains a vital part of Wildwoods’ history.

Our role in kickstarting the tiny house movement is a source of immense pride. Wildwoods’ founders have not only taught and inspired but also played a crucial role in fostering numerous tiny house communities.

We steadfastly uphold our belief in the tiny house philosophy: providing affordable alternatives for farm worker housing and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our ongoing support for the Tiny House movement reflects our commitment to advocating for affordable housing solutions. We encourage everyone to support this movement, championing a sustainable and accessible living approach for all.

Photo Gallery

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